TitleGenreYear PublishedEditorPublisherPages
Webster and The Dragon2016Sky Angel WorksSky Angel Works23
Sea and Sky's Legend2016Sky Angel WorksSky Angel Works21
The Touch of a Shadow2015Wendy LawranceGWL Publishing422
The Night Shadow2014Wendy LawranceGWL Publishing440
The Truth and Nothing but Lies2014Wendy LawranceGWL Publishing366
Empowered Riding 2015Lynn HubbardLemon Press124
The Lost Thorn2015Jean RacinesFull Runa Transmedia Studio150
The Boy in The Bin2015Donna BernardusStarshow Publications620
FIRST ADAM2015Cate BaumAndreas Economou316
LEGEND OF THE LOST2013Book Editing Group LLCAmazon KDP340
2014Joseph TetiNicholas O. Teti Jr.55
Goalden Sky2014Tracey MitchellK&T Mitchell176
Big Brother2012Tracey MitchellK&T Mitchell176
The Colour of Vengeance2015Tim MarquitzRagnarok Publications320
The Heresy Within2014Tim MarquitzRagnarok Publications526
It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise2015Rob J. HayesRob J. Hayes380
Kaleidoscope (The Vision Chronicles, Book 1)2014Melanie PageCreate Space Independent Publishing Platform288
A Wolf's Tale2014Connie CostiganBook Baby112
2014Lucille ZunckelAmazon170
2014Lucille ZunckelAmazon170
The Fate of Nations2014Ray ChilenskyRay Chilensky330
2014Lucille ZunckelAmazon422
2014Lucille ZunckelLucille Zunckel422
The Name Quest2014Pamela GuerrieriMorgan James Publishing319
Vilmo's Wrath (Deglon Blood Book1)2014Sara CrawfordCreatespace330
I Found a Ses in My Faucet2014Sheila CraanTate Publishing24
I Found a Ses in My Faucet2014Sheila CraanTate Publishing24
Bitter Candy2014NoneLily Ableman260
Twisted2014Prof. Ohaju ObodoFirst Edition Design Publishing424
Blood Line2014Alan Rinzler, Chris ColemanSimon & Winter, Inc.252
Blood Line2014Alan Rinzler, Chris ColemanSimon & Winter, Inc.252
Z Plan: Blood on the Sand2014Glenda Wildeman and Bobbie MetevierPermuted Press225
A Test of Honor2014Maggie Robinsonself published 338
Ghosts and Gold2014Susan LangInterWorld281
Suicide in Tiny Increments2014Amanda JohnsonRaw Words Press151
The Birth of Death2014Regina Gerardo Createspace Direct Publishing378
English Literature2014Richard CubittAmazon138
DEATH2013Richard CubittAmazon120
Holes in the World: A Collection of Short Stories2013Richard CubittAmazon126
The Earth's True Children2013Richard CubittAmazon284
A Trap Of Malicious Blind Love: Memoir2013Sheree' GaySheree' Gay204
A Trap Of Malicious Blind Love: Memoir27Sheree' GaySheree' Gay204
The Ultimate Camping Cookbook2014Elizabeth KlineSelf81
The Ultimate Camping Cookbook2014Elizabeth KlineSelf81
Green Card Soldier2014Harley Patrick Hellgate Press400
Spilled2012J.E. BarrettJ.E. Barrett Publishing142
Workbook of the Unique Documentary2013Konstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis,BA,MBAKonstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis,BA,MBA13
A Unique Documentary of Health through Nutrition2013Konstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis,BA,MBAKonstantinos "Gus"T. Deligiannidis,BA,MBA146
Post Trauma: 2013Tate PublishingTate Publishing224