Discipline, is a dark, psychological/philosophical thriller that will have you bouncing your knees, yearning for each new page, sometimes laughing... sometimes crying...

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Paco Ahlgren was born in El Paso, Texas on November 19, 1968. He spent the earliest part of his adulthood as a professional musician, touring and recording, while simultaneously studying music theory, English, and philosophy. Ultimately, he earned a degree in finance, and has worked as an economist and a financial analyst for the last seventeen years.

He never abandoned his philosophical roots, however, and has spent the last two decades devouring subjects ranging from eastern epistemology and metaphysics, to quantum mechanics, to psychology. He is especially interested in the impact technology has had on the areas he understands so intimately.

Paco has traveled the world, examining the connections between modern scientific theories and ancient traditions and cultures. His first novel, Discipline, is a confluence of these passions. He splits his time between his homes in Austin, Texas and Durango, Colorado.



Discipline, is a dark, psychological thriller that will have you bouncing your knees, yearning for each new page, laughing -- and sometimes crying -- with characters so rich, you might have known them for your entire life. But it's more than just an epic adrenaline rush; Discipline also gently, almost hypnotically, pulls you into an exploration of everything from eastern mysticism, quantum physics, and string theory, to political and economic terrorism, to computing and game theory.

You've been fascinated by these ideas for as long as you can remember. Discipline brings them home in a way that will shock you, inspire you, terrify you, and leave you questioning your very perception of reality...
...Jefferson came across the table so fast that I jumped in my seat. He put his face close to mine, his eyes hard, cold, and suddenly I no longer recognized the gentle old man I had known for so long. I tried to pull away from his gaze, but I couldn't.

"Who do you think is creating this terror?" he hissed. "Why do you think the dollar is failing?" He narrowed his eyes. "They're using technologies that haven't even been invented yet. They know where you are every second, and if you don't listen to what I tell you, we're all going to die. Do you understand?"

I stared at him, unable to speak. Finally I just nodded slowly...

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