Dr. Randy Wysong

Dr. Randy Wysong
Author of 13 books on human and animal health & nutrition, self-improvement, philosophy, and others. A pioneer in holistic health, former veterinary surgeon, and inventor of over 300 health products.

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Dr. Wysong is author of thirteen books on topics ranging from health, to nutrition, the origin of life, the creation-evolution controversy, philosophy, and self-improvement. He has authored scientific articles on embryology, nutrition, health care, and surgical techniques, and served as editor for 400 printed and audio health newsletters since 1987. He has practiced veterinary surgery and medicine; taught college courses in human anatomy, physiology, and the origin of life; designed and built innovative green homes; pioneered both the natural nutrition and preventive health movements for humans and animals; directed research and development resulting in over 300 clinical, nutritional, and nutraceutical inventions; and guided the philanthropic non-profit Wysong Institute. The product development and health and nutrition education websites are found at www.Wysong.net and www.Wysongcanada.net. His newest books, Solving The Big Questions—as if Thinking Matters (providing answers to the dilemmas of: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?), and Living Life As If Thinking Matters, provide the foundation for his visitor interactive website: www.Asifthinkingmatters.com. The Wysong websites are visited by more than thirty thousand visitors and “hit” almost three million times each month.


Considerable life experience in a variety of professional, business, entrepreneurial, and educational fields, along with a large family (seven children), have left me with the sense that so much of the world's suffering is totally preventable. All that is needed is to put thinking and ethics ahead of the preformed beliefs fed to us by society and its special interests. All of my inventions--and I include books in that category--are inspired by my conviction that there is a better way in an absolute sense. My two most recent books, Living Life As If Thinking Matters (embracing virtually every important aspect of life) and Solving The Big Questions As If Thinking Matters (answering our most profound questions of where did we come from, why are we here, and where are we going), at over 1000 pages, are my "magnum opus." They are my best shot thus far in showing how all life matters and questions are quite easily solved if we will simply open our minds and let reason and evidence lead.