Kam Ruble
Published author; award-winning poet; retired professional singer and model; wife, mother and grandmother.
In my sixties and loving it.

Look and Listen


Kam has enjoyed creative writing since she learned to read and write. It wasn't until retirement, however, that she deemed the joy of seeing her first novel published in 2002. Although Kam enjoys writing mysteries and psychological thrillers, she is venturing into new 'writing' waters with the 2007 release of her first children's picture book illustrated by award-winning author, T.C. McMullen. Kam will be the first one to tell you that most of her writings come from her vivid dreams. Although Kam suffers from degenerative arthritis, she tries to stay as active as possible by walking, exercising, yard work and house cleaning . Residing in a small town in Nebraska, Kam enjoys retirement with her husband, Bobby; coffee get-togethers with her Stitchers and Bitchers group; speaking about the art of writing to local area groups; and playing with their beloved Maltese dog, Gunny, and Siamese cat, Moka.


Kam's husband, family, friends, fellow-authors, readers and fans of her work keep Kam inspired to keep writing.